Welcome Weatherly Math Maniacs 2011-12!!

We look forward to having FUN in MATH this year in Advanced Math. We will meet during school and maybe one day after school every now and then. We will practice what we already know and learn some new stuff, too. We will have contests and go to some competitions. It will be a neat way to get better at math and ENJOY it!

Check out this interesting MATH TRIVIA QUIZ.

Try this Order of Operations game. Choose the level you want to try; work up to "hard."

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CHECK THIS OUT!!! Get math problems right and earn rice to help the World Food Programme

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  • email Mrs. Lisa Sams
  • email Mrs. Sue Zupko
  • The school phone number is 428-7460, but emails are usually faster since Mrs. Sams and Mrs. Zupko check their emails frequently during the school day.
  • Mrs. Jane Anne Carlton and Mrs. Kim Williams will also be helping. Click to email Mrs. Carlton or Mrs. Williams.

Who can join this wikispace?

If you're not a Weatherly math team member, parent, or sponsor, please do not ask to join. Although this space is publicly viewable, it may only be edited by the sponsors and math team members or their parents.