Mark your calendars:

  • OUTSTANDING JOB AT THE RANDOLPH CONTEST on April 21, 2012!!! Team 1st Place, Alison individual 1st, Noah 3rd, and Kristen 7th. GREAT!!

  • ACTE Math is Saturday, May 12 at UAH. Please mark your calendars for this -- our last contest of the year.

Mathdoku is fun; try it! Thanks, Megan, for sharing!

Rules here
Play online here
Funbrain Sudoku here

Welcome, 5th grade Math Maniacs!

Please sign up for Khan Academy.

1- Go to
2- You will need an email account, but THIS CAN BE YOUR PARENT'S EMAIL. Your mom or dad can log in for you; many parents do this since you may not need/have/want an email account of your own.
3- Once you are logged in, click "Coach" or "Manage Coaches." Under "Add a coach," enter Mrs. Carlton's email: to add her as a coach. You may also add Mrs. Sams and Mrs. Zupko.
Now you are ready to watch videos, complete practice problems, and have the site keep track of your progress! Your coaches will also be able to see your progress. This is a wonderful tool!


Week 12 - April 28

Go over Randolph contest from last week.
Look at differences between Randolph and ACTE Math.

Week 11 - April 21

Ciphering for Randolph (tomorrow!)

Week 10 - April 13 Probability and Statistics

In class:
1- Go over geometry practice
2- Circles:.Bad_Hair-Day Bob and Geometric_Caveman
3- Discuss statistics (mean, median, mode, range) - may not have time, but you should know how to do most of this already
4 - Discuss basic probability (probability vs. odds, "multiplication rule," combinations, handshakes, factorials
Finish "Bob" and "Caveman" worksheets (see above) and statistics practice worksheet by April 20
We will work on probability in class 4/20 and REVIEW before the CONTEST APRIL 21.

Week 9 - March 23 - Geometry

In class: Geometry practice problems.
right triangle practice here
Homework - please finish the geometry problems and check them.Click here for the solutions.

Week 8 - March 15

Go over mock contest questions and solutions.
Sudoku fun
Homework - None

Week 7 - March 2

Review, review, review formulas
Practice, practice, practice ciphering
Begin Randolph 2010 contest (given in class). Finish at home.

Week 6 - February 24

Go over Randolph 2009 contest
  • KNOW all perfect squares through 25x25
  • KNOW all area formulas for triangles and quadrilaterals
  • REVIEW Formula packet - especially divisibility rules

Week 5 - February 10

In class: Go over fraction/decimal/percent contest problems given last week. Start learning shortcuts for contest common contest questions.
At home (due 2/26): Finish Randolph 2009 contest for practice. Allow only ONE HOUR.
Enjoy Dauphin Island!!!
Congratulations, NOAH KIM, 2nd place in Madison County Spelling Bee as a 5th grader!

Week 4 - February 3

In Class:
1- Go over homework - FINISH for next week.
2- Fraction/Decimal/Percent BINGO
3- Begin Randolph contest - finish at home
Is your class finishing Saxon math book & beginning Accelerated Math?

At Home:
1- Finish Randolph contest
2- Finish Fractions-Decimals-Percents-PlaceValue from last week.

Week 3 - January 27 - Fractions (cont'd)

In Class:
1- Converting_from_Mixed_Fractions to Decimals worksheet (I will give you this in class; back side has common fractions you need to learn except #13.)
2- Percent Proportion practice worksheet
3- Fraction-Decimal-Percent game

Do at home: Fractions-Decimals-Percents-Place Value PRINT AT HOME and complete #1, 2, 6-14, 16, 19 for February 3. You will finish this for Feb. 10

January 20 - no maniacs

Weeks 1&2 - January 6&13 - Fractions, Decimals & Percents

Week 1 In class
1- Finish going over Primes, factors & multiples WS (originally assigned for December 9)
2- Fractions on lines and circles
3- Renaming/Comparing Fractions
4- Equivalent Fractions
5- Improper Fractions and Magic Squares
Do at home: Complete WS (given in class) except for Magic Squares. Please print fraction decimal flash cards.
Week 2: Fractions to Decimals in class
Do at home:
1- Percents & Decimals - khan
2- Ordering Numbers - khan
3- Fractions/Decimals/Percents game quia game (like jeopardy)
4- Easy fractions Battleship - quia game

Week 9 - December 16 - Jeopardy!

Merry Christmas! See you in January!

Week 8 - December 9 - Statistics & Area/Perimeter

In class:

Do at home at least two of the following from
  • LCM: View this lessonand do the practice.
  • GCF: View this lesson and do the practice.
  • Mean, median, mode. View this video and do the practice.
  • Intro to area and perimeter of rectangles and triangles. View this video and practice (includes circles).

At home: Khan Academy update: Members from our class who have joined are Kristen, Megan, Alison, Max and Kyra. What percent is that?? (We have seven in the class.) Special treat on December 16 IF EVERYONE (that's 100%) signs up, chooses me as a coach and WORKS at least TWO of the above videos & practices by Wednesday night, December 14. Way to go, Alison, Kyra and Kristen!

November 25 & December 2 - Have a happy Thanksgiving & enjoy Tremont!

Week 7 - November 18 - Divisibility/Primes/Factors/Multiples

Remember to complete homework DIVISIBILITY & LCM from 10/28 BEFORE CLASS.
1- Login to Khanacademy and view this lesson on greatest common factors and do the practice.
2- On Khanacademy, view this lessonon least common multiples and do the practice.
3- Try these online flashcards for divisibility and this one(which has a couple of errors; I didn't create it!)
Homework (for December 9):

November 11 - Happy Veteran's Day - No school

Week 6 - November 4 - meet w/ Mrs. Sams

Week 5 - October 28 - Math Olympiad (more)

1- Finish reviewing exponents/PEMDAS worksheet.
2- Discuss divisibility rules
3- Play "Three-ngo" for Math Olympiad review.
Optional: Math Olympiad practice sample M contest questions
Prime numbers sieve of Eratosthenes

Week 4 - October 21 - Math Olympiad preview

1- Review exponents/squares/sq rts/ PEMDAS
2- Math Olympiad at UAH October 29
HOMEWORK: sample Econtest questions

Week 3 - October 14 - Order of Operations In class:

1- Discuss Exponents, Squares & Sqr Roots practice sheet.
2- Visit Khan Academy website + Order of Operations practice at
At-home practice: Order of Ops practice (handout given in class): Dogcatching_Daphne

Week 2 - September 30 - Exponents, Squares, & Square Roots

Online lesson: Intro to Exponents (Watch at home for review)
At-home practice (Please complete before next week.): Exponents, Squares & Sqr Roots practice sheet. Also, practice perfect squares 1x1 to 20x20. Here are the solutions. You may only get 4 right on your own -- Great! Give these a try regardless of the challenge, but keep a good attitude!!!
Next: Order of Operations practice at

Week 1 - September 23, 2011

In class
1- Get to know the wiki.
2- Students show their solutions to problem solving sheet from last week. Talk about different ways to approach solving each way. There can be several excellent STRATEGIES -- some you may not have considered! Discuss MATH VOCAB; you must know that "evenly" indicates division and "product" means multiplication, for instance.
3- Sudoku race - FUN!!

For folders
1- Problem solving sheet (see above)
2- Formula packet - notice math vocab
3- Parent letter
4- Sudoku

For next week
1- Logic puzzles handout ("Decimal Sleuth" and "Altamont Hill" front and back) - bring to class
2- Explore the wiki! Play some math games! Work a few Sudoku puzzles! (what's YOUR strategy???) Have F-U-N!
3- Optional: Click here to practice multiplying with decimals and hereto read about dividing with decimals. (These are from, one of Mrs. Carlton's favorite sites). We can discuss this next time.

For fun:

How well do you know your math facts? Let's see! Click here for online flashcards.

How many multiplication facts can you do in 60 seconds? Try it here!

Now try division.

FunBrain Sudoku for Kids

Online logic puzzle: Pet Mix-Up